Enteral Feeding Sets

  • Enteral Feeding Set Nutrition Bag Set

    Enteral Feeding Set Nutrition Bag Set


    1.Our dual-layer co-extrusion tubes use TOTM (DEHP free) as plasticizer. The inner layer doesn’t contain colorant. The purple color of the outer layer can prevent misusing with IV sets.

    2.Compatible with various feeding pumps and liquid nutrition containers.

    3.Its international universal stepped connector can be used for various nasogastric feeding tubes. Its stepped design connector design can prevent feeding tubes from accidentally fitting into IV sets.

    4.Its  Y-shapped  connector is very convenient for feeding nutrient solution and flushing tubes.

    5.We have different models and specifications to meet different clinic needs.

    6.Our products can be sued for nasogastric feeding tubes, nasogastric stomach tubes, enteral nutrition catheter and feeding pumps.

    7.The standard length of silicon tube is 11cm and 21cm. 11cm is used for rotary mechanism of feeding pump. 21cm is used for peristaltic mechanism of feeding pump.