(Original title: The 87th CMEF ended successfully and Mindray Medical released a number of new products and solutions)
Recently, the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (Spring) (CMEF), an “aircraft-level” event in the global medical device industry, has successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Expo Center. About 5,000 exhibitors from home and abroad brought tens of thousands of cutting-edge products to this grand event, showcasing the industry’s cutting-edge technology. Mindray Medical, the world’s leading provider of medical devices and solutions, has also stepped onto the scene, drawing everyone’s attention.
At this CMEF, Mindray Medical introduced a range of new products in three main areas: life information and support, in vitro diagnostics, and medical imaging. In addition to product demonstrations, dozens of in-depth sessions on smart medical ecology, advanced technologies, innovative products and solutions from Mindray were carefully prepared for the audience.
In the life information and support exhibition area, Mindray Medical exhibited scenario-based solutions, including operating room solutions, first aid solutions, intensive care solutions, etc., as well as Mindray Medical mWear wearable monitoring devices, infusion BeneFusion i/u series pumps, etc. . New product prototype.
In the IVD exhibition area, Mindray Medical restored the original appearance of the lab from a multi-dimensional perspective by displaying prototypes of new products such as CAL 7000 automatic blood test assembly line, M1000 and CX-6000 biochemical immune systems assembly line.
In the medical imaging exhibition area, Mindray Medical displayed new product prototypes such as the Nebula DigiEye 330/350 series, the TEX20 series for dedicated ultrasound for Consona series POC, and the portable wireless ultrasound scanner TE Air.
It is worth noting that Mindray’s latest high-tech DigiEye330/350 dual-column detector not only has high-quality wide-angle wireless flat panel detectors, but also comes with a 360° touch handle that can be pulled and walked, and stopped instantly. In addition, the product also supports children’s professional photography functions, and can be linked with “Ruiying Cloud++” to realize various clinical needs, such as 5G telemedicine, information desensitization, image transmission, and community chat.
Independent innovation is rooted in the genes of Mindray Medical. Over the past few years, Mindray Medical has spent about 10% of its income on research and development. Based on the 2022 annual report alone, the company’s investment in R&D reached a new high of 3.191 billion yuan, accounting for 10.51% of operating income over the same period.
At present, Mindray Medical has established an innovative R&D platform based on global resource allocation, has built ten R&D centers, and employs 3,927 R&D engineers. In the future, Mindray will continue to improve the level of technological innovation and product quality to promote the development of the medical equipment industry in my country.
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Post time: Jun-13-2023