• The enteral feeding pump needs maintenance twice every year.
•If any irregularity and failure are detected, stop operation of the pump immediately and contact your local authorized
dealer to repair or replace it by providing the details of the situation. Never try to disassemble or repair it by yourself
because it may cause further serious failure.
• Make sure that there is no any damage with the pump and components. In case that the unit and components were
shocked, do not use them even if visible damages are not observed. Please contact your local authorized dealer.
• Contact your local authorized dealer for periodical inspection of the pump for safety and longer product life.
• The pump can keep working for at least 3.5 hours at 25ml/h when powered by fully charged built-in battery. If the
battery is low, the pump will stop running within 30 minutes if there is no way to connect the pump to an AC power
outlet. After that, the pump will keep alarming until battery is exhausted.
• Operate the pump with the built-in battery once a month to check its performance because the built-in battery is subject
to aging. If the operation time is getting shorter after it is normally recharged, contact your local authorized dealer to
replace it with a new battery. Please be sure that your local authorized dealer checks it annually.
• Please recharge the built-in battery fully for more than 5 hours by connecting the pump to an AC power outlet before
the pump is used for the first time or after a long interval.

Post time: Apr-30-2024