KL-8081N Infusion Pump

KL-8081N Infusion Pump

Short Description:

Features :

1.Large LCD display

2. Wide range of flow rate from 0.1~2000 ml/h ;(in 0.01,0.1,1 ml increments)

3.Automatic KVO with On/Off Function

4. Change flow rate without stopping the pump

5. 8 working modes , 12 levels occlusion sensitivity.

6. workable with docking station .

7.Automatic multi-channel relay.

8. Multiple data transmission

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Infusion Pump KL-8081N:


Pumping Mechanism Curvilinear peristaltic
IV Set Compatible with IV sets of any standard
Flow Rate 0.1-2000 ml/h

0.1099.99 mL/h  (in 0.01 ml/h increments)

100.0999.9 mL/h  (in 0.1 ml/h increments)

10002000 mL/h (in 1 ml/h increments)

Drops 1 drop/min -100drops/min  (in 1 drop/min increments)
Flow Rate Accuracy ±5%
Drop Rate Accuracy ±5%
VTBI 0.10mL99999.99mL (Minimum in 0.01 ml/h increments)
Volume Accuracy <1 ml , ±0.2mL

>1ml, ±5 mL

Time 00:00:0199:59:59(h:m:s)  (Minimum in 1s increments)
Flow Rate  ( Body weight ) 0.019999.99 ml/h ;(in 0.01 ml increments)

unit: ng/kg/minng/kg/hug/kg/minug/kg/hmg/kg/minmg/kg/hIU/kg/minIU/kg/hEU/kg/minEU/kg/h

Bolus Rate Flow rate range : 502000 mL/h Increments

(5099.99 )mL/h, (Minimum in 0.01mL/h increments)

100.0999.9mL/h, (Minimum in 0.1mL/h increments)

10002000mL/h, (Minimum in 1 mL/h increments)

Bolus Volume 0.1-50 ml (in 0.01 ml increments)

Accuracy: ±5% or ±0.2mL

Bolus , Purge 502000 mL/h (in 1 mL/h increments)

Accuracy: ±5%

Air Bubble Level 40800uL,adjustable.( in 20uL increments)

Accuracy: ±15uL or±20%

Occlusion Sensitivity 20kPa-130kPa, adjustable (in 10 kPa increments)

Accuracy: ±15 kPa or±15%

KVO Rate 1).Automatic KVO on/ off function

2).Automatic KVO is turned off : KVO Rate : 0.110.0 mL/h adjustable(Minimum in 0.1mL/h increments).

When flow rate>KVO rate , it runs in KVO rate.

When flow rate <KVO rate , it alarms and it runs in flow rate.

3) Automatic KVO is turned on :it adjust the flow rate automatically.

When flow rate<10mL/h, KVO rate =1mL/h

When flow rate >10 mL/h, KVO=3 mL/h.

Accuracy: ±5%

Basic function Dynamic Pressure Monitoring, Key Locker, Standby, Historical memory, Drug Library.
Alarms Occlusion, air-in-line, door open, near end , end program, low battery, end battery, motor malfunction, system malfunction, drop error, standby alarm
Infusion Mode Rate mode, Time mode, Body weight, Sequence Mode、Dose Mode、Ramp Up/Down Mode、Micro-Infu Mode、Drop Mode.
Additional Features Self-checking, System Memory, Wireless (optional),Cascade, Battery Missing Prompt, AC Power Off Prompt.
Air-in-line Detection Ultrasonic detector
Power Supply, AC AC100V240V 50/60Hz, 35 VA
Battery 14.4 V, 2200mAh ,Lithium, rechargeable
Weight of Battery 210g
Battery Life 10 hours at 25 ml/h
Working Temperature 5~40
Relative Humidity 15%80%
Atmospheric Pressure 86KPa106KPa
Size 240×87×176mm
Weight <2.5 kg
Safety Classification Class ⅠI, type CF. IPX3


Q:what’s the MOQ for this model ?

A: 1 unit.

Q: Is the OEM acceptable ? and what is the MOQ for OEM ?

A: Yes , We can do OEM based on 30 units .

Q: Are you the manufacture of this product.

A: Yes, since 1994

Q: Do you have CE and ISO certificates?

A: Yes . all our products are CE and ISO certified

Q: What is the warranty ?

A: We give two years warranty.

Q: Is this model workable with Docking station?

A: Yes



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