In general, Infusion Pump, Volumetric Pump, Syringe Pump


Infusion pumps use a positive pumping action, are powered items of equipment, which, together with an appropriate administration set, provide an accurate flow of fluids or drugs over a prescribed period. Volumetric pumps employ a linear peristaltic pumping mechanism or use a special cassette. Syringe pumps work by pushing the plunger of a disposable syringe along at a predetermined rate.


The type of pump used/selected will depend on the required volume, long & short-term accuracy and speed of infusion.


Many pumps operate from battery and mains electricity. They incorporate warnings and alarms of excessive upstream pressure, air in tube, syringe empty/ nearly empty and low battery. Normally the total volume of fluid to be delivered can be set, and following delivery an end of infusion, KVO (keep vein open) flow of 1 to 5 ml/hr will continue to infuse.

Post time: Mar-23-2024