The global medical equipment market has grown steadily in recent years, and the current market size is approaching US$100 billion; According to research, China’s medical device market size has become the second largest market in the world after the United States. Asia Power Supply (APD), Taiwan’s leading power supply company, participated in the China International Medical Equipment Expo CMEF held in Shanghai on May 14-17, which featured a full range of highly reliable medical power supplies (Hall 8.1/A02). During the exhibition, APD was introduced due to its silent and efficient performance, compact and portable design and excellent product performance, it attracted the attention of the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers.
        Focusing on the power supply industry for nearly 30 years, APD has become a long-term strategic partner for many of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. APD Technology obtained the “ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Standard Certification” in 2015, and has been qualified as a “National High-Tech Enterprise” for several consecutive years, and has also been awarded the title of “Manufacturing Champion”. 2023, Shenzhen Medical Power Supply Project. Rax Chuang, general manager of APD’s Power System division, said, “The Chinese medical market is extremely important to APD; we continue to actively invest resources in product research and development, and receiving this award demonstrates that APD’s manufacturing technologies and processes have reached a leading position in the world. level, which is also one of the important reasons why APD continues to win the trust of customers around the world.”
        In order to ensure that its products comply with the latest industry standards in terms of safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency standards research and certification testing, APD has invested many resources in establishing the industry’s highest level safety laboratories, including the “UL Safety Laboratory”. “and” Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory, which can fully cover and meet the standard certification requirements of various industries for food, and help customers bring products to market faster. Recently, with the implementation of the latest version of Chinese standard GB 9706.1-2020 for medical power supplies on May 1, APD has also dedicated resources to research and interpret differences in regulations, study design differences related to product safety, and ensure that its products comply with the latest versions of medical safety standards.
        After the epidemic, with the acceleration of the construction of medical institutions, the applied medical equipment is becoming more diversified and developing rapidly. Highly reliable APD medical power supplies are widely used in ventilators, oxygen concentrators, humidifiers, monitors, infusion pumps, in vitro diagnostics (IVD), endoscopes, ultrasound, electric hospital beds and electric wheelchairs. In addition, in response to the development of the medical cosmetics market in recent years, APD has also invested in the application of various medical devices such as beauty equipment and hair removal equipment, and has continuously developed food products that can meet diverse needs. medical clients.
        Due to the special conditions of use of medical devices, more stringent requirements for safety and reliability are imposed on medical power supplies. APD’s full range of medical power supplies comply with IEC60601 global medical device safety standards and UL60601 series standards and provide 2 x MOPP insulation protection; they also have extremely low leakage current for maximum patient safety. The peak current of the power supply reaches more than 300%, which can provide stable power even if the medical equipment requires instantaneous high current. It also provides the best heat dissipation for the product; APD uses CAE simulation in the design of its medical power supply to optimize the heat dissipation structure and ensure the safe and stable operation of medical equipment. The product also uses an optimized electromagnetic interference structure design, which improves anti-interference performance and safety. At the same time, the APD medical power supply also has high resistance to electrostatic discharge and rapid ejection, as well as over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature protection and other functions, which can guarantee the stability and safety of medical devices. patient. They are also very quiet in operation, which ensures peace and tranquility of the patient during rest. In addition, APD’s built-in power supply can also be widely used in other harsh environments, and can still ensure the product’s safe and stable operation; product safety is outstanding.
        Relying on its strong R&D and stable and efficient food products, APD continues to grow with an annual revenue growth rate of 15% and outperforms the industry. By constantly introducing innovative technologies, actively improving the production process, optimizing the technological process, the group’s factories are fully equipped with highly automated production equipment, and the production efficiency and product quality have been greatly improved. In order for the Group to continue to expand its production capacity, APD’s new Shenzhen Pingshan plant will be completed and put into operation in September 2022. This is APD’s third largest manufacturing base in China after factories No. 1 and No. 2 in Shenzhen. Rax Chuang, General Manager of APD’s Power System Division, said that APD will continue to innovate in technology and expand global manufacturing capacity in the future, and provide global customers with the most competitive medical power supply solutions with efficient manufacturing services.

Post time: May-18-2023