Iberzoo+Propet confirmed its best predictions on the first day. Participation in this exhibition was very high and exceeded all expectations. The exhibition opened in Madrid this Wednesday (March 13) and was officially opened by José Ramón Becerra, CEO of the animal rights organization, marking the start of three days dedicated to the health and well-being of pets.
Iberzoo+Propet attracted a large number of experts in the field of veterinary medicine and the animal trade, attracting 235 exhibitors, of which 20% were international exhibitors. From the most innovative products to the latest advances in veterinary medicine, the exhibition has become an important event for all industry players.
The IBerzoo+Propet 2024 program, created by the Madrid Veterinary Association (AMVAC) and the Spanish Association of Business and Industry of the Pet Industry (AEDPAC), has become a thermometer of the good health of the Spanish veterinary industry. .
Through conferences, exhibitions and networking opportunities, the show is positioned as an important space for sharing knowledge, promoting new products and innovations in the field of animal health. Iberzoo+Propet 2024 runs until Friday 15 March, providing a unique platform for professionals in the field to promote the well-being of pets and improve the quality of veterinary care.
This course is designed for ATV owners who want to further their training and experience. The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of topics such as surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation.
Burmese and domestic Burmese breeds have the highest life expectancy at birth, at 14.4 years. In contrast, the youngest representative of the Sphynx breed is only 6.8 years old.
The qualification course is taught by the Council of Official Veterinary Colleges of Andalusia, which plans to carry out another update of equine identification in the near future.
“There were many more cases than shown on the epidemiological map,” recalled the director of the School of Veterinary Medicine in Almeria during the presentation of the campaign.
Part three of this series reviews the properties of the major anticonvulsant drugs available for use in dogs. Measures to control status epilepticus and cluster seizures are presented graphically and simply.
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Beijing KellyMed attend this exhibition with their animal use infusion pump KL-8071A and ZNB-XD, have attracted many customers, achieved great success!

Post time: May-11-2024