Medica 2023 in Germany is one of the largest medical device and technology exhibitions in the world. It will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from November 13 to 16, 2023.  The Medica exhibition brings together medical device manufacturers, suppliers, medical technology companies, healthcare professionals and decision-makers from around the world. Exhibitors will showcase the latest medical equipment, technologies and solutions, and conduct business negotiations and exchanges on this international stage.

At KellyMed booth, people flow is crowded, many customers have interest in our new enteral feeding pump KL-5031N and KL-5041N , infusion pump KL-8081N, syringe pump KL-6061N.

The Vet Show in London, UK, is an annual veterinary professional exhibition that aims to provide comprehensive education, training and display opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary health care professionals. It will be held in London on November 16-17, 2023.  The Vet Show brings together a variety of veterinary-related suppliers, service providers, industry experts and lecturers to provide the latest clinical and management knowledge, practical skills and business development opportunities. Exhibitors can attend a variety of seminars, workshops and presentations, as well as discuss and network with industry experts. Both Medica and Vet Show provide exhibitors and visitors with a platform to learn about the latest products, technologies and development trends, as well as opportunities to conduct business negotiations and establish business contacts. If you are a practitioner in a related industry or are interested in these fields, attending these two exhibitions may be beneficial to your business growth and professional development. You can get more detailed information about the exhibition, including exhibitor list, schedule and registration, on the official website. Our veterinary infusion pump KL-8071A is compact, detachable and has a fluid warmer as a whole set attracted many people’s interest.

KellyMed have got frutful harvest through these 2 past exhibitions!

Post time: Nov-24-2023