Founded in 1994, Beijing KellyMed Co., Ltd. Is a high technology corporation engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of medical instrument, supported by Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are first manufacturer of infusion & syringe & feeding pump in China since 1994. During these years always keep leading market share in China.


This year our CEO Charles Mao gave new instructions to our sales team—Cultivate Technic Type Sales team, every sales should be very familiar with our products, can introduce our pumps skillfully to customers and hospitals. Can answer customer’s every question timely and can supply solution to after-sales problem. To get this achievement and knowledge level, several trainings were held by market department and product manager, R&D department from on-site and online way. Due to COVID-19, our whole sales team can’t be gathered together to have the training, the on-site trainings were given in different regions—Northern Region, Eastern Region, Southern Region, North-Eastern Region and Foreign Department.

During those trainings, first market department and product manager gave us training, then the sales introduced products to other people one by one on-site. After these trainings we all got good harvest and know more about our product.


Meanwhile we also gave training to hospitals, introduce to nurses how to operate our pumps and our pump’s advantages. After the training, they know more our pumps, know more our company. Such we can established long-term cooperation and trust relationship.


We held these trainings in our sales team and to nurses, the only goal is to supply our good quality product and best service to hospitals, improve safety and accuracy of infusion on clinical use, contribute our effort to China Nursing Care Career.

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Post time: Jun-09-2021