Large Volumetric Infusion Pumps Inventory Management and Usability: Survey


Volumetric infusion pumps (VIP) are medical devices capable of delivering continuous and very specific amounts of fluids at very slow to very fast rates. Infusion pumps are commonly used to control the flow of intravascular drugs, fluids, whole blood, and blood products to patients. Infusion pumps are used to provide fluids on a regular interval, or through patient control, in place of having a nurse repeatedly perform injections. The VIPs are designed to overcome issues that can occur with the size of fluid drops, making them more precise than a standard intravenous drip. Coupled with a high level of accuracy, VIPs provide a series of alarms which address issues from battery life to air bubbles in tubing. VIPs are used in hospitals to increase precision and efficiencies with patient care and drug administration.

Post time: Dec-17-2023