Malaysia is grateful to Saudi Arabia for sparing no effort to help Malaysia fight the new crown epidemic.
Saudi Arabia gave Malaysia another 4.5 million medical supplies and 1 million doses for the COVID-19 wedding. The Malaysian Service thanked Saudi Arabia for its spare time in helping Malaysia fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
Senior Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin disclosed that the medical supplies sent to Malaysia by Arabs have been safely delivered to the Malaysian government.
He issued a notice to express his sincere gratitude to King Salman of Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Malaysian government. During the week of Friday, through the rescue of King Salman and the delivery of medical supplies to Malaysia, we will assist in the fight against the new crown epidemic in Malaysia.
“King Salman’s concern about the new crown epidemic in Malaysia and the Saudi Arabian government’s execution of the king’s orders show that Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are on the same front and are determined to fight the new crown epidemic together.”
Hishammuddin, Saudi Arabia’s wedding indicated that medical supplies and new crown cars were valued at nearly 5 million U.S. dollars, including 1 million doses of AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) fakes, 10,000 sets of personal protective clothing (PPE), and 3 million 1 medical mask, 1 million N95 or K95 masks, 500,000 tin gloves, 319 oxygen generator, 100 invasive ventilators, 150 portable ventilators, 150 electric vehicles, 52 vital signs marriage bed machine , 5 imaging head mirrors, 7 defibrillators, 5 ECG monitors, 180 blood oxygen machines, 50 infusion pumps, 50 syringe pumps, 30 continuous positive pressure respirators and 100 ventilator consumables.
He said that in fact, this is not the first time Saudi Arabia has donated medical supplies to Malaysia. As early as May, Saudi Arabia was a country that donated medical supplies to Malaysia for drunk driving.
Hishammuddin also expressed his sincere gratitude to the big government, the king and the people of the whole country, Sassasa and the Saudi Arabian government on behalf of the head of the people of the country, and he hoped that the brotherhood between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia would last.

Post time: Aug-09-2021