Syringe Drivers

Utilise an electronically controlled, electric motor to drive the plastic syringe plunger, infusing the syringe contents into the patient. They effectively replace the Doctor or Nurses thumb by controlling the speed(flow rate), the distance (volume infused) and the force (infusion pressure) that the syringe plunger is pushed. The operator must use the correct make and size of syringe, ensure it is properly in place and frequently monitor that it’s delivering the expected drug dosage. Syringe drivers administer up to 100ml of drug at flow rates of 0.1 to 100ml/hr.


These pumps are the preferred choice for lower volume and low flow rate infusions. Users should be aware that the flow delivered at the start of an infusion might be considerably less than the set value. At low flow rates the backlash (or mechanical slack) must be taken up before a steady flow rate is achieved. At low flows it can be some time before any fluid is delivered to the patient.

Post time: Jun-08-2024