Rehabilitation is in full swing. On October 13-16, 2021, the CRS International Rehabilitation and Personal Health Expo, CE International Elderly Care and Nursing Products Expo, International Family Medical Products Expo (Life Care) organized by Reed Sinopharm Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 85th CMEF and the 22nd CHCC Held at the same time as Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an District); Exhibition held: nearly 300,000 square meters of exhibition area; 3000+ exhibition brands; 150,000+ professional visitors, 100+ new product releases; nearly 200 forums, 100+ experience activities , We sincerely invite you to share the grand occasion of the industry. At this stage, the audience pre-registration ticket is in full swing, have you got it?
Scan the QR code or QR code for pre-registration from now on, and Fangguo Inspirational Exhibition will send medicines worth 200 yuan to the audience. “Guidelines for Procurement of Rehabilitation and Elderly Care Products” (will be sent through the pre-registration mailbox after the conference)
Become a global medical front-end technology exhibition and comprehensive service platform for elderly care and family medical care, CRS International Rehabilitation and Personal Health Expo, CECN International Elderly Care and Nursing Supplies Expo, International Family Medical Supplies (Life Care), and actively implement the 14th Five-Year Plan, The wall exhibitors’ products are divided into 8 major industry exhibition areas. The on-site exhibits cover robots and trauma, rehabilitation engineering, rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation physiotherapy, assistive devices, prosthetics, home medical care, personal health care, wisdom, daily necessities, life nurturing and health care, and household products , Health care, leisure and health care, institutional pension, community pension and other whole industry chains and services, comprehensively nurturing the development of the whole industry chain of general health and rehabilitation and health care.
Implying modern advanced technology, an important way for newborns with smart elderly care products to solve a series of sleep needs. on site. Live broadcast services focus on the heart-brain early warning service system and family sleep monitoring products in real-time shooting.
As a country with a large demand for elderly care equipment and auxiliary aids in the world and a broad market prospect, China’s market demand is growing rapidly, and there is a trend of well water, supplemented by equipment spouts as a country of concern for exhibition activities. Every year, global smart home Supply brand marketing activities. At the exhibition site, you will see all kinds of wheels, crutches, and other technologies such as overseas Shunkangda Foshan fleet, Yinghua Luobubu, brand exhibition, intelligent technology disseminating artificial intelligence, wearable technology, swarming to the big, mobile Internet information, etc. Mobility aids, vehicles, crawling mobility aids, advanced data building machines, etc., hearing disabilities, speech, and visual aids.
The market incentives for home medical and personal medical products are on the rise. According to reports, the compound annual growth rate is as high as 2%. At the scene of the incident, Rumei and Xi statistics, Raffles and other brands will bring oxygen concentrators, atomizers, and health devices. , Blood glucose meter, blood oximeter, nursing, laser hair growth helmet, eye infrared treatment, magnetic therapy instrument, physiotherapy instrument, middle instrument, frequency protection belt, knee pads, wound tape, recovery package, cervical care device, sports protective gear, Bottom physical therapy equipment, massage equipment, fascia and other home medical monitoring, home health care, home care and other star health care equipment ,foot equipment.
After the epidemic, the Chinese medicine industry welcomes the new development and once again pretends to be a Chinese medicine group, bringing together exhibitors such as Mindaosheng, Jian, Health Cloud, Yun, Zhimeikang, Dingshi, and Huigu Medicine, with diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine equipment, Chinese medicine in the Chinese medicine chain, Industrial service products such as health preservation and health care are concentrated medical treatment, which comprehensively promotes China’s internationalization, industrialization, and modernization.
As the degree of productization of production continues to increase, people are concerned about nursing care, especially the invisible service demand for medical care and rehabilitation such as nursing. At the exhibition site, Yuehua, Qi, and Watson Hi-Tech added Xinhui, Helexiang and other accompanying nursing care brands, focusing on portable nursing professional beds, nursing bedsore seats, nursing diapers, nursing pads, nursing machines, toilets and other nursing products Yu Zhineng.
Nowadays, the sleep industry is fully developing into an emerging industry covering the whole people. The sleep industry attracts new economic growth points in China’s consumer sector. However, good sleep psychology, psychology, environment and other influencing factors require the joint efforts of the scientific and technological medical, health care, medical, furniture, and home textile industries to meet the market demand for healthy sleep, triggering companies to launch medical sites and take the lead in launching the “Health In the “Sleep” exhibition area, there will be respirator breathing, sleep physiotherapy, sleep monitoring and other equipment, such as sleep product monitoring watches, smart sleep and other technologies will focus on capturing images.
It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, the organizer’s promotion will launch a “healthy sleep experience zone” in the most concentrated area of ​​the pavilion to provide a comprehensive service platform for trade cooperation and exchange development for enterprises and practitioners in the healthy sleep industry. The next day (October 14), it coincided with the traditional Chinese festival Yang Festival. The organizer invited well-known health experts to hold a large-scale lecture event on the “Chongyang Festival to Send Health” at the press conference, and pay attention to it.
During the exhibition, hosted by Lei Fang Education, Mr. Tu Qi, Chairman of the Health Management Branch of the Chinese Society of Geriatrics, Mr. Lu Jiehua, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Mr. Feng Meng, Director of the Second Research Office of the Social Development Research Department of the Development Center of the State Council, and Al Mr. Wang Jun, President of Zheimer’s Disease Prevention Association, Guangdong Provincial Rehabilitation Center Medical Association, Director of Guangdong Rehabilitation Center Medical Center, Director of Guangdong Rehabilitation Center, Director of Production Development, and President of Shenzhen Hospital Management Association Mr. Zhuang Jun Foundation Mr. Rui Gang, Executive Chairman of Tencent Public Welfare and Charity, Ms. Huang He, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Development Promotion Association, Chairman Chen Kaimeng of Senior Service Industry Association and other experts and elite academic power of government-industry-university-research institutes. “Rehabilitation”, “Smart Elderly Care”, “Health”, “Combination of Medical Care and Care”, “Rehabilitation/New Infrastructure for Smart Elderly Care Institutions” and other hot keywords, industry difficulties and future development trends of the industry, etc., jointly held nearly 200 games The forum meeting guides the industry and endorses the brand. Some forum topics are as follows:
·The inaugural meeting of the Rehabilitation Assistive Device Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association and the First South China Rehabilitation Assistive Device Technology Forum
Warm reminder, October 13-16, 2021, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an District), The CMEF invites you to come together. The pre-registration event for on-site audiences is underway. Welcome to scan the QR code and click the link to pre-register, receive tickets in advance, or avoid on-site events.

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