Correct usage of administration sets

Most volumetric infusion pumps are designed for use with a specific type of infusion set. Therefore, the accuracy of delivery and of the occlusion pressure detection system depends partly on the set.


Some volumetric pumps use low cost standard infusion sets and it is important to note that each pump must be configured correctly for the specific set.


Sets that are incorrect, or not recommended, might appear to operate satisfactorily. But the consequences for performance, particularly accuracy, can be severe. For example,


Under-infusion can result if the internal diameter is too small;

Free-flow through the pump, over-infusion or leakage back into the bag or reservoir can result from tubing that is less flexible or has a larger outside diameter;

Tubes can rupture if the construction materials are not sufficiently strong to withstand wear from the pumping action;

Air-in-line and occlusion alarm mechanisms can be disabled through using the wrong set.

The action of the mechanism, which compresses and stretches the set during infusion, causes the set to wear out over time and this inevitably affects the accuracy of delivery. Recommended sets are designed in such a way that, except for large volume, high flow-rate infusions, wear and/or work hardening of the material will not adversely affect the accuracy.

Post time: Jun-08-2024